Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Russian slightly salted gherkins.

The gherkin (French - cornichon) is a fruit similar in form and nutritional value to a cucumber.
Gherkins and cucumbers belong to the same species (Cucumis sativus), but are different cultivar groups.
They are usually picked when 4 to 8 cm (1 to 3 in) in length and pickled in jars with brine to resemble a pickled cucumber.
Russian slightly salted gherkins  are served to accompany new or young  potatoes, You can boil potatoes with or without the skin.

Russian slightly salted gherkins  - малосольные огурцы (malosol'nye ogurtsy)  - are marinated in salt and spice brine for only a twenty-four hours to obtain less salty-tasting result.
A quicker method for preparing slightly salted Gherkins is to cut off both ends of the cucumbers and cover them with cold salt brine.
These gherkins will be ready to eat in just a day/a twenty-four hours.
Russian slightly salted gherkins:

Gherkins , scrubbed (baby cucumbers) - from 500/800 grams to1 kg.
Sparkling water such as "San Pellegrino" sparkling mineral water – 1 litre
Coarse sea salt – 2/5 tbs (depending on how you like)
Garlic cloves (peeled, whole) - 1
Fresh dill (with  dill stems) –  large bunch, preferably going to seed, washed.

bay leaves (optional)
celery leaves  (optional)
coriander seeds – 2tsp (optional)
black  or fresh green pepper corns – 8  or a sprig of fresh. (optional)
fresh red chili sliced length wise (optional)

Wash your gherkins – around 500 – 800 grams is good, but whatever you want, cut off both ends of the gherkins.
Put into a large pot Gherkins divide the garlic, bay leaves, and dill amongst them.
Cold Sparkling water stirring with the salt until the salt is dissolved.
Fill the pot  with brine so that the Gherkins are completely covered.
Cover the pot with cheesecloth, secured with rubber bands, or loosely with the lids. Store in a cool, dark place (store in the fridge).
They need to be left for at least  twenty-four hours before using so the gherkins develop flavor (I know – this is the hardest part... but it’s worth the wait!).

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