Thursday, 8 December 2016


Sour cabbage Russian recipe (pickled or salted cabbage, Sauerkraut) Russian Food:

- In Russia and Ukraine, a salad of fresh shredded cabbage, mixed with carrots, apples, cranberries etc., is traditionally dressed with unrefined sunflower oil.
The cabbage can be marinated before with vinegar producing cabbage provençal (Russian: капуста провансаль, tr. kapusta provansal).
A similar salad is also made of sauerkraut.

- In the United Kingdom, coleslaw almost always contains carrot and onion in addition to cabbage, usually being made with mayonnaise, salad cream, or a mixture of the two.
Some variations include nuts such as walnuts and dried fruits such as sultanas or raisins.

- The term "coleslaw" arose in the 18th century as an anglicisation of the Dutch term "koolsla" ("kool" in Dutch sounds like "cole") meaning "cabbage salad"

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