Sunday, 12 February 2017


Adapted from recipe by Elizabeth David published in the Guardian.
Serves 6-8

50g of dried Aduki beans,
1 carrots,
1 small potatoes,
1/2 small turnip,
1 onions,
a piece of celery,
2 tomatoes or concentrated tomato purée,
1/4 a small cabbage,
2 rashers of bacon,
herbs and seasoning,
olive oil,
1/2 a small glassful of red wine,
25g of any of the pasta made in small shapes

Put the Aduki beans to soak overnight.
Next day prepare all the vegetables, and melt the sliced onions in the oil,
adding 2 cloves of garlic,
the bacon cut into pieces,
and plenty of herbs: marjoram, thyme, basil, or whatever may be available;
add the chopped tomatoes, or a tablespoonful of concentrated tomato purée;
pour in the red wine,
let it bubble a minute or two, then add the drained Aduki beans;
cover them with 1L of hot water and let them boil steadily for two hours.
Now put in the carrots and about 15 minutes later the turnip and potatoes.
Ten minutes before serving, add the celery, the cabbage cut into strips, and the pasta.
See that the soup is properly seasoned, stir in 2 tablespoonfuls of grated parmesan, and serve more parmesan separately.

According to the season almost any vegetable can be added to a minestrone: peas, beans, spinach, leeks, small marrows; rice can be substituted for the pasta.

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