Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lorraine Pascale's Prosciutto and brie toastie.

Lorraine Pascale's Prosciutto and brie toastie | Celebrity Kitchen:
This is one of Lorraine Pascale's favourite snacks. It can be ready in minutes and is wholesome and tasty enough to give anyone's tastebuds a treat. It's ready in a few minutes and you can substitute the prosciutto for bacon if you prefer.
3 Slices of prosciutto
2 slices chunky white bread
Brie commonly available in 200gram packs
Fresh ground pepper
Butter for spreading
Dash of Olive oil

Lorraine starts by adding 3 slices of prosciutto to a hot oiled pan.
She then places one piece of buttered bread, butter side down into the pan next to the prosciutto, and breaks off chunks of brie which she places on top of the bread until the surface is covered.
Just as the prosciutto starts to crisp up, Lorraine uses some tongs to move the slices ontop of the bread and brie (everything is still the the pan at this stage).
Lorraine butter another piece of bread and grinds a good measure of pepper over it before placing it butter side up on top of the other ingredients in the pan.
She uses a sturdy fish slice to press the sandwhich together before turning the whole thing over to brown the other side.
After a couple of minutes, Lorraine removes the toastie from the pan, slices it in half and serves with a good squidge of brown sauce.

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