Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Foolproof Classic Pancakes Crepes.

This recipe makes about 10 pancakes, and the recipe is easily doubled.

Put 110g plain flour in a blender or food processor.
Best to sift it to avoid lumpy pancakes but I rarely bother.

Crack in two eggs, and whizz, whilst pouring in through the top 200ml of whole milk (the fat won’t kill you) plus 75ml water.
You can use all milk, but I find this makes for a slightly too thick batter.
Then add a good pinch of salt (even if you are eating them sweet), and 1 tbsp of a flavourless vegetable oil like sunflower.
Scrape down the sides; give it a final whizz, and decant into a bowl that you can safely ladle from.

Put on a small-medium frying pan on with a scant teaspoon of oil.
I find it easier to have a little jug filled with oil next to me so I don’t pour in too much each time, and to minimise the risk of melting the plastic oil bottle when I inevitably put it down on a hot plate.
When the bottom looks set, slide a palette knife under, flip and cook the other side till golden, before sliding onto a plate.
Warning: the first pancake is always terrible (this is the law),and I reckon it took me at least 3 attempts to get my pancake mojo on.
So don’t be discouraged.
By the final one you’ll be flipping it 2 feet in the air like me.

From Liberty London Girl.

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