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Scones with fresh ramps & cheese.

Scones with fresh ramps & cheese – An old favorite goes savory » delicious:days:
Savory scones have been on my to-try-list for ages, but it took my Küchengötter-colleagues’ request for a recipe with fresh ramps (wild garlic) to bring those two together.
Having tried different recipes with ramps over the last week, I was full of confidence that my all-time favorite recipe for sweet scones would play along nicely, still, I didn’t expect the outcome to be that awesome.
I had just dropped off some of the new creation with ramps and cheese at my friend Kristin and she called me, still chewing on the last bite: “These are SO good!”
So if you are looking for a no-fuss appetizer to start a typical spring menu, this is it.
Prepared in no time, best served with your favorite butter (find this scones recipe in German over at Küchengötter).

Ingredients (9 scones):
200g all-purpose flour, plus more for handling the dough
1,5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp fine sea salt
25 g freshly grated parmesan cheese
about a handful of fresh ramps (~15 g chopped)
60g cold butter
~130g milk
for brushing: 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp milk
3-4 tbsp freshly grated cheese (e.g. parmesan, pecorino, mountain cheese)

Line a baking tray with parchment paper and preheat your oven to 220°C (425° Fahrenheit).
Wash ramps, pad dry and finely chop the greens with a large knife (~15 grams).

The dough can easily be prepared with a food processor:
Add flour, baking powder, salt, grated parmesan cheese and the chopped ramps to the bowl, then mix until evenly distributed.
Now add the really cold butter in cubes and pulse for a couple of times until you can spot no butter pieces that are larger than small peas. Lastly add the milk and pulse shortly, just until the dough comes together.

By hand: In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt, grated parmesan cheese and the chopped ramps. Cut the really cold butter into small cubes and add them to the dry ingredients using a pastry cutter or your fingertips to rub it in until there are no butter pieces that are larger than small peas.
Finally stir in the milk with a spoon until the dough comes together and doesn’t show big nests of dry flour anymore.

Dump the rather sticky dough onto a well floured board, generously sprinkle with flour and knead very shortly to ensure a fluffy crumb (overkneading results in tough scones), then form into a square (~14 cm*14 cm/5,5 inch), about 3 cm (~1,25 inch) thick. Use a long knife to cut it into 9 equally sized squares (dipping the knife edge into flour after each cut makes it easier).

Place the scones onto the prepared baking tray.
Lightly beat the egg yolk with one tbsp of milk and brush the tops of the scones before topping them with some grated cheese.
Bake on middle level for 12 to 13 minutes or until nicely browned.
If the cheese topping still lacks color after 10 minutes you might want to turn on the oven’s grill feature (but watch closely!).
Let cool on a wire rack or serve while still warm.
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