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- Mia’s Freshly Baked Poolish Bread – The Beat That My Heart Skipped:
‘Poolish’ is an amazing bread that be made with a miniscule amount of bakers yeast.
It is the one dough that can’t be kneaded by hand – it’s just too wet and sticky, so this is a great recipe for a busy person it just takes some preparation beforehand.
It’s the wet dough that results in a nice crusty holey bread.
Poolish bread also has some of the lovely flavours of sourdough so is really tasty eaten on it’s own with butter.

Dough won't hold shape.
For example: I want a rye loaf.
Do I want it 20% rye (of the flour) or 40%? I decide on 35%, say.
So now I know my flour (by weight) will be 35% Rye and 65% white.
Hydration: I want 68% which will have good oven spring in a tight shape when proofed in a basket.
I want my loaf to weigh 680 grams (1.5 lbs).
I am baking 10 loaves.
So I know the total weight is 680 * 10 loaves = 6,800 and I know of that the flour will be 6800/165 (divisory parts because its 65% hydration, if it were 70% hydration the divisor here would be 170 not 165) * 100 (because flour is always the baseline of 100%, called 'baker's percent') = 4121 of which 35% (1442) is Rye and the rest (2677) is White, and the water is the remainder of the total weight (= 6800 - 4121 flour) or calculated separately 6800/165 (65% divisor) *65 (the hydration level for water of 65% versus the flour which is 100) = 2679.

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